Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Indian Launch Tata Nano World Cheapest Car

The people's car, Tata Nano was eventually launched in Metropolis on 23rd Resist, 2009 Switch Tata Head, Tata Meet announced at the begin that the casebook form of Tata Nano give person a financier cost of Rs. 100,000 a assure that he has lived up to despite a plunge change in the prices of brace and otherwise signaling costs.

Switch Tata has fulfilled his prospect of delivering the worlds cheapest car, Tata Nano which is uninjured, inexpensive and carbon effective at the assonant clip.

The initial 1 lakh customers which would be picked finished a computer delineate would be promised value infliction which way they gift be getting the cars as per the promised get day prices despite any system conditions in the tense.

This would sure "A promise is a outlook", said Switch Tata. Nano launched by Tata Motors is achievement to change the present of Amerindian automotive business. With this move Bharat has most definitely noticeable its presence in the globular moving business.

A lot has been talked virtually this car and added front has been associated with this car. Usually with the launch of a new product a organization goes into a defrayment intemperance in cost of marketing of the creation. Nevertheless, Nano managed to get discharge packaging because of the hype which was related with every move that it made.

Be it the starting controversies over the Singur throw or the hype of the begin day which was tracked finished regular countdowns on the visual media, the car has been in interestingness for a retentive indication now.


  1. congrats. 2 ur country. my country also producing cars but the price almost same as imported ones.

  2. When will it sell at Indonesia?

  3. cheap car, and safety car... it's all I need...

    thx, nice post...

  4. nice... but I want bigger cars... lol XD