Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to Create a New Presentation in MS Power Point 2003

Microsoft office Powerboat 2003 is one of the most widely software in the world most of the people used this software. This concept is explains about how to Creating a New Presentation in Power Point 2003. To create a new presentation, Click start by choosing File or go to New or pressing Ctrl+N. That is the right way to create it. The New Presentation task pane appears on the right side of the window.

The next step is to choose for the slides in the window show many slides you may just select one slide for your presentation, and Powerboat offers no fewer than four ways to do that, start with a blank presentation, start from a design template or color scheme, make use of the Auto Content Wizard, or commandeer an existing presentation. No matter which look you choose for your presentation, you can change your mind and choose a different look later on. To do so, click the Design button or choose Format Slide Design and select a new look in the Slide Design task panel.

Then Starting with a blank presentation Click the Blank Presentation link in the Slide Design task panel to create a bare bones presentation. Create on your own. By use this technique, you have to fashion a design yourself with the tools on the Drawing toolbar. Don’t use this technique unless you know Powerboat well and have an artistic flair. And then click the Formatting toolbar u should choose a different Design of template, starting from a slide design or color scheme. The Slide Design task pane opens. Scroll through the templates or color schemes, select one, glance at the slide on screen, and decide which design or color scheme u should like.

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